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Need to get somewhere fast? Struggling to get a taxi on a Friday night? Try Kabx!

The kabx app is the only taxi booking app you will ever need. Kabx has thousands of drivers available to book in cities all over the UK.  A real time map will display any Kabx drivers nearby instantly, alongside an estimated pick up time. All our private hire and taxi drivers are properly licensed to operate so you can be confident your driver will be reliable, punctual and safe. Kabx gives you the flexibility to pre book your taxi and gives you the option to pay by cash or card. Give it a try today!

The kabx App

Kabx gives you all the options you could possibly need when booking a taxi

The kabx Network

The kabx network is made up of a carefully selected group of trusted taxi firms to ensure you receive a comfortable, safe and reliable service every time you book. If for any reason you don’t feel your experience was as good as it should have been, please contact us by emailing .

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Book your next taxi from the largest fleet of taxis in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Derby, Liverpool and Dublin!

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